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Waiting for confirmation

The BWR attempt is currently being verified by Guinness World Records...


English Bulldog record attempt

An attempt to break the World Record has been made by Bulldog owners in Mexico...


Current World Record

Largest (Single Breed) Dog Walk

The current World Record for The Largest (Single Breed) Dog Walk is currently held by Yorkimania of Mexico, who successfully walked 783 Yorkshire Terriers on 9th August 2015. Sean Parkinson of Merseyside Beagle Club decided to beat this record and in 2016 started to organise an attempt on the World Record by calling on Beagles from all over the United Kingdom to come together on 23rd April 2017 at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire..

Latest Updates:

Beagle World Record 2017

An attempt to break the record for the Largest (Single Breed) Dog Walk was made on Sunday 23rd April 2017 around the grounds of Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire, over a distance of 1.9 Km (1.2 miles).

Beagles from all over the UK attended the event and money was also raised for two Beagle charities (Beagle Welfare and Unite to Care).

The official number of Beagles completing the walk was 887.

Although this (unofficially) beats the current record by Yorkimania (783), both the English Bulldog (951) and Beagle record attempts are currently being verified.

It can take up to 12 weeks to receive confirmation.  The Bulldog attempt was in February and so should be announced first....


A total profit of £3,112.75p was raised after deductions for costs etc, which will be split evenly between the two charities.

Beaglelandia (Beagle World Record 2)

The enormous amount of interest and enthusiasm surrounding the event this year has caused the event organisers to announce that there will be another attempt at the Beagle World Record in 2018!

Merseyside Beagle Club, supported by sponsors Bauwow, have provisionally announced a re-run on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at Capesthorne Hall.

It has been confirmed that the event will be an all "tickets-in-advance" occasion limited to 1150 due to the number of car parking spaces.

See the News page for more details.

Watch this website or Twitter @BeagleWR for future announcements.


Until then, please visit the Gallery for photos and more videos of the fantastic day!










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